There are hidden treasures in your data, and we can help you find them.

The data connoisseurs that constitute the IntelliTide Mind will change the way your business uses data. Just as they have for Fortune 500 Companies.

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Meet the IntelliTide Mind

The IntelliTide Mind deciphers and unlocks the power of data. Like an expert art aficionado, it observes, studies, understands and critiques data. The IntelliTide Mind can sift through mountains of data to unravel the hidden treasures they contain!

Our people and our culture have a common passion for AI, data management and digital transformation and this has enabled us to be drivers of change for our esteemed clients.

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Meet the IntelliTide Mind

How we bring your business data alive

Enterprise applications are evolving into a combination of cloud, data management and AI. We combine digital transformation, data management, integration and AI to offer powerful solutions and platforms.

Here's how the IntelliTide Mind can bring glad tidings to you.

We harness the power of Master Data Management, Systems Integration, Enterprise Architecture and Analytics to build powerful enterprise-level MDM solutions.

We pre-process the raw numbers, unstructured and structured data, IoT signals, and process data to deliver accurate insights and predictions.

We invented the eSyndication MDM architecture pattern. Grow your online sales multifold on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Kroger using our syndication solutions.

Your MDM needs to receive and send data to ERP, CRM, eCommerce and other systems. We have integrated with hundreds of systems using our ETL, programming and database skills.

We believe that transformations have to be made from the inside out. Our digital transformation services are simply the byproduct of our fine taste in data.

Join our current customers who enjoy our affordable public and private cloud hosting and application and server support and be Prepare to be amazed by the benefits of our cloud hosting services and application support that are currently enjoyed by our diverse range of clients.

Why Us?

Your success.Our responsibility

As advisors, architects, and implementers in data management, analytics, and AI, we see through the complete application life cycle to ensure its success.

The only thing we love more than you – data

We are data connoisseurs. We know that at the crux of all data are insights, waiting to catapult your enterprise to greater heights. So when we handle data, it´s not just about storage – we are here to discover those hidden treasures for you.

Digital futurism all the way

Behind every good software is a sound IT strategy. But we take it a step further to make sure these strategies and solutions are positioned with the trajectory of improving your venture in the present and future.

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