We at IntelliTide, are proud of our heritage in providing intelligent, scalable and cutting-edge analytics, data management and digital transformation solutions to our clients across a diverse range of businesses. Our solutions have led to effective business models which have been pivotal to our clients and their respective businesses.

Know Someone?

Who working for Microsoft architected and delivered mission critical enterprise LOB solutions with massive data and transactions volumes for tens of Fortune 100 companies? Who has led some of the most complex Master Data Management (MDM) implementations?  Meet our CEO Ramesh Prabhala

Know Someone?

Who has been delivering machine learning solutions before the world woke up to machine learning. Who has built models that score millions of debts for collections risk, predict millions of claims for fraud, predict default risk for millions of loans, predict which new song will be the next hit, score patients for readmission risk, and so on? Be it natural language processing, deep learning and neural networks, classical statistical models, optimization models, recommendation systems, he has covered it all. Meet our Chief Data Science Advisor Dr. Ramachandran (PhD)

Founding Team

Our team of committed, passionate, disciplined and prudent IT strategists, data scientists, business analysts and solution architects are champions of the digital cause. Experience from working with companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, Cap Gemini, Amazon and Microsoft to name a few, have improved upon our knowledge horizon and holistic approach towards engaging with innovative and disruptive digital solutions.


Our Competencies

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