At IntelliTide, hosting, managed services, implementation and support come together to form one seamless process. Be it hardware or system support, network or server monitoring, our remote helpdesk works all year long. It works effortlessly for enterprises, small, medium or multi-national corporates, and it scales just as easily as well. And this is how we're able to do it.

IntelliTide has partnered with AMSYS which specializes in hosting and infrastructure support

Deep and wide collaboration with IntelliTide and a trusted partner for many years

Managed services offering includes, hosting, monitoring and managing EnterWorks deployments

MDM managed services offered on cloud (AWS, Azure) and private cloud (AMSYS data centers)

Seamless and efficient process for customers - one email for support

Fastest turnaround times - in one case setup and deployed a full functional AWS production instance in a third of the time!

Hosting and Managed Services Features

  • Public Cloud (Azure, AWS) & Private Cloud
  • Application and Server Patching
  • Remote Helpdesk
  • Network and Server Monitoring
  • Hardware and System Support
  • 24 X 7 X 365 Coverage!

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MDM eSyndication Pattern by the IntelliTide Mind

MDM eSyndication Pattern by the IntelliTide Mind

White Papers
May 27, 2020

This article is going to reveal a new pattern (or implementation style as some MDM industry experts call it) that […]

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