IntellTide combines the power of Master Data Management, Systems Integration, Enterprise Architecture and Analytics to build powerful enterprise MDM solutions.

How do we bring the tide ?

MDM is just a combination of concepts, processes and tools – the real foundation is data. We see data like an art connoisseur critically studies their art.As important as master data is, it is still vital not to look at it in isolation. The science of enterprise data is complex – but we have years of experience in dealing with it.

We focus on implementing MDM as an enabler of this ecosystem and not in isolation

We understand this is vital to support the MDM eco-system (BTW your MDM future may involve Big Data, Cloud, Analytics or Blockchain. We have all these skills!)

And we did it with nearly unblemished track record that too on multiple MDM platforms

Let our Master Data Management experience do the talking

Data Management Methodology

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