Do you know

Where you are leaving money on the table?

Are your

Claim denial rates high?

Are you paying

Your staff for services rather than performance?

Are your

Insurance reimbursements lower than they should be?

Do you wish

To have the tools at your disposal to negotiate better contracts with insurance?

Introducing MediTide - an AI platform designed to improve the financial outcomes of hospitals

We have created a modern healthcare platform that leverages analytics and machine learning to improve the profitability, administrative efficiency, productivity and patient outcomes. We combine technology and advisory services from leading experts in the healthcare financial industry to help hospital and private practices improve their financial outcomes.

Innovation in Healthcare Analytics

IntelliTide is proud to introduce you to a modern healthcare analytics platform truly contemporary in its application. With expert advice from subject matter experts belonging to the healthcare financial industry, our data advisors are here to ensure better financial outcomes for your enterprise.

If you are a hospital, private practice or any healthcare services provider, with our offering you will :

  • Improve profitability, efficiency, productivity and patient outcomes
  • Uncover opportunities that improve financial outcomes
  • Reduce manual errors and improve processes and workflows
  • Adopt compensation for performance rather than service
  • Negotiate better insurance contracts with the tools we provide you

We are helping a number of hospitals, clinics and private practices improve their financial standing and consequently better their business outcomes.

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